Children are the wave of the future...

I said it when I was a teacher and I'm saying it now, "Children are the future." They can create waves and they can do anything they put their little hearts to. We need to leave behind resources and a planet for them to thrive in. I adore that these 3 cuties care about the environment even at a young age. It makes my heart happy to see that they are so smart and caring. They want to learn science and they want to help the world. Kudos to their parents! Just look at the smiles in the photo. It's obvious they are proud to show off their real shark tooth fossil necklaces that are from a good company and enjoy the use of their reusable bamboo straws. Check out each of these products under the "Shop" tab to find out more about how they are helping to save the planet. Even these kids know that big problems can be solved with small steps.

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