What's Plastic-Free July?

July is the month celebrated across the world as an opportunity to be part of the solution to plastic pollution. I don't know about you, but summer is my favorite time of year! July is the designated month to encourage others to reduce their plastic use because that is when it is used the most. Think about it- we enjoy drinks on the beach, travel, party and mostly spend time on the water to cool off during this month. Now, just multiply all these fun-in-the-sun happenings by the amount of people out there celebrating summertime.

Nobody is perfect and Eco Mermaids™ will never expect you to be. This is a time to celebrate the little things you are doing to help the Earth and challenge yourself to make a difference by reducing your plastic use. And guess what? Putting an end to single-use plastic is actually better for your health because you will be in charge of making sure the products you use are actually clean. In addition, the brands that we sell, such as Facesoft Towels, have completely eliminated using micro-plastics in their products and don't use plastic in their packaging. The Facesoft Towel seen on little Foxy in the photo is made of charcoal which can also pull toxins from your skin in this hot month. Facesoft towels are good for the environment and good for you. As a former teacher, I'm all about the rewards! Simply try a suggestion below and reward yourself! 

* Use a reusable bamboo straw (from our website, of course)

* Bring your own reusable bags when shopping

* Use your own, washable containers and cups for food/drinks

* Pick up plastic and other litter when you see it or plan a clean-up

* Clean and reuse plastic items

* Make an effort to choose brands that eliminate plastic (from our website, of course)

* Tell someone about Plastic-Free July


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  • Thanks for all the great suggestions, Foxy!!! Luckily, I do lots of these things already including using Ecomermaids bamboo straws. I will challenge myself to work on some of your other great suggestions! Thabks for being awesome Happy! Happy July 😊


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