Scary Facts About Food

I talk a lot about saving the planet, but I am also interested in saving the humans! Since Halloween is here and other holidays filled with treats are near, I have one frightening question...Do you know what is in the food we are eating? I try my best to read labels and eat whole. I love learning about a natural, healthy lifestyle (like the time I was in Costa Rica making coffee and chocolate from the actual plants!) However, I have some upsetting information (if you dare to read it.) Below is just an example of some super scary things I learned from a quick search on the internet that led me down a rabbit hole. Speaking of rabbits, that leads me to scary fact number one:

1) The average jar of peanut butter may contain 4 or more rodent hairs.

2) The vanilla flavoring in some foods comes from a secretion made by beavers.

3) Many gummy candies are made from pigskin, cattle bones, and cattle hide.

4) Figs aren't fruits, they're flowers, and many figs have at least one dead wasp trapped inside of them.

5) Canned mushrooms may contain maggots.

6) Food processors use ammonia to kill bacteria in low-grade beef and the resulting product, often referred to as "pink slime," is sometimes used as a filler in common beef products.

7) Hot dogs can contain traces of hair, skin, nails, and different meats.

8) Jelly beans and other glazed candies are commonly coated in hardened insect secretions.

9) Red food dye is often made out of crushed beetles.

10) Think this is a trick? I got all of this information directly from the and there is even more out there for us to share. Take care my fellow mermaids and warn your loved ones.

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