Shark Week!

As Shark Week 2021 comes to a close, I hope you had the opportunity to learn about these amazing creatures. I captured this photo in New Smyrna Beach, the Shark Bite Capitol of the World, where a local fisherman is hired to tag and release sharks for educational purposes. Sharks do not mean to harm humans and they are an essential part of the ocean's ecosystem (which effects us all.) They are important to the ocean's food chain and overall health. Consuming sharks is very unhealthy for humans and yet shark-finning still needs to be stopped, too. Sharks are crucial to maintaining balance for the environment.

I am fortunate enough to have had many safe encounters with sharks and really hope they continue to thrive as they are meant to. This website was founded on the basis of protecting the Earth and mankind every day. Our brands donate to beneficial causes, such as the Ocean Foundation from Vitamin Sea apparel and the Loggerhead Marine Life Center with Charming Shark jewelry. Check out the cute shark earrings or real shark tooth necklaces today. From our packaging to the materials, every little bit helps and you can always feel good about yourself for simply being a part of the Eco Mermaids tribe. With every day Eco-friendly purchases, you are helping to save the sharks and our future! You would also be supporting American-owned brands, where the act of shark-finning is illegal. Happy Shark Week!

P.S. Does anyone want to go swimming with whale sharks this summer?

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