Welcome to the Eco Mermaids™ website. I really appreciate you taking the time to visit. Everything I promote is something good for you by an Eco-conscious brand and has been approved by me, the Eco Mermaids™ Founder. I'm just a fun-loving woman who was a science teacher and I literally quit everything to become a mermaid. My goal is to save the world while spreading health and happiness to everyone.

Swimming in the water, being surrounded by ocean animals, hanging out with my precious dog, Foxy, at the beach and soaking up some vitamin D from the sun helped to bring back my happiness after a difficult time in my life. Life doesn't always work out perfectly and everyone is dealing with some sort of pain, but we can all learn to be happy and confident anyway. I believe in the benefits of exercising outdoors while having fun-in-the-sun. Even as a child and as a science teacher, I have always been interested in teaching others what I know about healthy living and saving the Earth. I grew up sewing, swimming, planting trees, eating healthy and doing things like making "Save the Sea Turtles" books. We should find what makes us happy and use it to make others happy- that's why I am here. I'm a positive person trying to make a difference in this world and follow my mermaid dreams. I wish the same for you so, I ask...are you an Eco Mermaid, too?

I like to say that I was in "mermaid" college for the past 4 years while I worked in swimwear retail, started my own blog, attended shows/seminars, modeled, sewed my own designs and reviewed multiple products. I've helped women from all over the world to feel confident in the most flattering, high-quality swimsuits for their body and I'm a trained fit specialist for all types of women with all types of needs. Being a lifetime Floridian, I also have spent a lot of time testing out products in the ocean, at the beach, on the river and in lakes. I can't explain the amazing feeling I get of being out on the water, especially at sunrise with dolphin popping up to say hello near me! I love what I do, but I have realized that certain aspects of the retail/fashion industry are actually hurting our waterways, beaches and animals; which was the main reason I followed my passion toward ocean-related merchandise in the first place. Did you know fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world? Luckily, there are a lot of little ways we can all make a big difference. 

Our experiences are not by mistake. I believe in using my knowledge to support the American, small businesses that are doing their part for us all and help others to be happy. On Earth Day 2020, with the always positive encouragement from my amazing family and friends, I came up with the strength to finally start this online collection that encompasses everything I believe in. I assure you my products are unique and wonderful, just like you! Quality products formed by quality people are built to last and you can feel confident with an Eco Mermaids™ purchase. Plus, it can be fun to save the world and work on your self little by little. As Mother Teresa said, "Don't look for big things, just small things with great love."